“Emone” a Serama Chicken that can’t use her legs

emoneEmone was in yesterday and is going great. She is much more steady on her feet now and has even laid 3 eggs since last visit. Still has a little balance issue and can’t seem to hang onto the roost yet but she is getting there. I plan to see her again in about a week.

At her latest visit, Emone continues to get stronger and is gaining better coordination in her legs. She is eating well and overall is improving daily.

Emone is a Serama Chicken. Seramas are the smallest breed of chicken in the world. They originate in Malaysia and are kept as house pets. She lost the use of her legs suddenly during a stressful period around the time her sister passed. Her regular veterinarian is unsure of what is causing her problem so I am supporting her body in order to help it heal. I am treating with PEMF and Essential Oils. Initially she had some rough days but at her last visit she was starting to show some signs of improvement. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on her progress.