SusieSusie was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). This was the first time Susie has ever had a procedure like this done. I had my doubts about it at first, but after a couple of treatments I saw her improving each day. The acupuncture did wonders! It’s amazing what those little needles can do! Susie is doing great now! I would definitely recommend acupuncture for other pets.

Billie P.

DweezilDweezil was diagnosed with back and hip pain resulting from arthritis, muscle spasms and trigger points. After receiving acupuncture myself and experiencing a dramatic improvement, I was excited to hear similar treatments were available for my dog, Dweezil. Before the treatments at IVSMO, Dweezil was not active, she would collapse when she lay down and if she fell she needed assistance to get back up. Now, since Dr. Nie’s treatments, she has more energy and she is able to get up and down with ease. She doesn’t let her arthritis get in the way anymore.

Linda W.


Summer was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease, muscle spasms/trigger points and back pain. I was very pleased with the results of the treatment Summer received from IVSMO. Summer had severe back pain for several months and was unable to go up and down the stairs in our home or play as she normally would. After only one treatment, Summer had improved. After 3 treatments, she was active and back to her normal routine/behavior. I would highly recommend IVSMO to any pet owner.

Stacy D.

SamsonSamson was diagnosed with “Wobblers” Syndrome. WOW, The change in Samson has been remarkable! He’s so tall and so big, when his hip and back problems began, they were quite noticeable. We used to circle St. John’s campus, but soon were unable to walk even a block without Samson digging at his shoulder blades, or simply sitting in discomfort. I tried medicines and physical therapies. I took Samson to the University of Missouri Veterinary Hospital. He was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome, a debilitating disease of the hip and spine. Samson faced either expensive and dangerous surgery, or a rapid decline. That’s when I found Dr. Nie. The first acupuncture treatment transformed Samson, returned him to his playful self. Successive treatments have maintained his energy. I don’t know if acupuncture is right for your pet, but I am a believer, for I have seen the results!

Terry S.

AbbyAbby was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome resulting in a stiff, stilted gait with severe muscle spasms and pain in her neck and shoulder region. When our primary vet informed us that Abby was losing feeling in her legs, his only recommendation was expensive surgery, neck braces and crating the rest of her life. Abby is Doberman Pinscher we rescued. She is also a farm dog and her life is chasing cats. I started searching the internet and found acupuncture treatment. Dr. Nie was recommended to us as an expert in this field. When Dr. Nie first started Abby’s treatment she could hardly stand, weighed about 40 lbs and could only lay flat on her side. After weekly treatments with acupuncture, electro-stimulation and glucosamine, Abby responded by gaining weight and walking with less difficulty. She now weighs around 70 lbs, she can again ‘chase’ cats. Abby enjoys the visits and the caring attitude of Dr. Nie and his staff. The cats are not so happy.

Robert D.


Aradia suffered from severe neck and back pain with numerous muscle spasms and trigger points. My 6-year-old Affenpinscher, Aradia, has had episodes of severe back and neck pain throughout her life. Over the past few months she had become almost immobile due to pain. After umpteenth unsuccessful vet visits and armfuls of meds, I was beginning to fear the worst. Fortunately, I remembered hearing of Dr. Nie’s acupuncture treatments. After consultation with him, I agreed to try the procedure. Within 24 hours of her first visit there was remarkable improvement. After her fourth treatment, including electro-stimulation, the results were nothing short of miraculous. She climbed steps she had not been able to climb, socialized and my boyfriend even commented that she was not playing. The entire staff, at Angel Animal Hospital, is so respectful, caring and considerate of you and your pet. When you are at the end of your rope and think you have tried everything, trust me you haven’t if you have not been to see Dr. Nie. He truly was a miracle worker with my best friend and constant companion.

Lindsey CS.

Lora Newman discusses the benefits of equine chiropractic care in her own horses. Dr. Gary Nie works as a team with the client and regular veterinarian to bring health back to the horse.

Lora N.

PeanutPeanut was diagnosed with back pain associated with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), spondylosis, arthritis and severe muscle tension and trigger points. Peanut was in excruciating pain and could barely walk prior to his acupuncture treatment. The treatment had immediate results… as soon as we got home from seeing Dr. Nie and I let Peanut out of his carrier, he was up and about, wagging his tail and asking “where’s that cat!?” (his playmate). Truly a miracle of science! Further, the Loving Care given to Peanut by Dr. Nie, Dr. Flathers and all the staff at Angel Animal Hospital was/is outstanding! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts… (the cat too!)

Helen A.

Tony Menown discusses the benefits his companion, “Laddie,” has received from Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medical Care.

Tony M.


Molly was diagnosed with polyridiculoneuritis which resulted in an acute, muscle weakness throughout her entire body that prevented her standing or walking. My dog Mollie lost the use of her legs and could barely raise her head. When we took her to be euthanized, Dr. Nie recommended acupuncture (to normalize help her nerves heal) initially and eventually hydrotherapy (to strengthen her muscles), with no promises of success. She had acupuncture every week initially and eventually every 3 weeks. I worked her joints 1-2 times daily during that interval and used treats to entice to move and exercise her muscles. After about 2 months she had improved enough for me to start the hydrotherapy. For 6 weeks I used hydrotherapy every day to help strengthen her muscles. Just under 4 months after starting treatments, she took 5 steps. The next day she walked through the kitchen and living room and has been walking ever since. Throughout this lengthy ordeal, Dr. Nie was positive and encouraging, which was important since improvements were so gradual and slight. He was also very informative and answered my many questions. Thanks to him, motivation from Mollie and work on my part, my sweet, lovable dog is still a part of our lives.

Lois W.

Tina Thompson discusses how her dog, “Spanky,” has benefited from Dr. Nie’s care.

Tina T.

MissyMissy was diagnosed with back pain due to severe muscle spasms and trigger points. …(after a weekend of rough play with my relatives’ younger dogs) My dog Missy was having trouble jumping up on my bed. After only one treatment she was feeling much better and jumped on the bed that evening. I am very pleased with the results of the treatment.

Michael B.

Sandy Wilson expresses her feelings about the care Dr. Nie has provided for her dog “Charlie Brown.”

Sandy W.

Sue(A Boy Named) Sue presented with an open wound after traumatically losing two toes. Dr. Nie and the staff at IVSMO and Angel Animal Hospital gave a boy named ‘Sue’ excellent care when his 2 toes were bit off by the neighbor dog at 10 weeks of age. The laser treatments Dr. Nie used on Sues foot not only helped his wound heal faster but also blocked bad bacteria so Sue never had any infection. The treatments also minimized Sue’s pain. After a month and a half, he didn’t even know he was missing his toes. He walks and plays normally. I would recommend the laser treatments for any pet that is injured. The staff at IVSMO and Angel Animal Hospital are amazing and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you all so very much.

Tamrilyn J.

I was so glad to find a Vet who believes in holistic methods. Dr. Nie and his team are amazing. My Doberman was diagnosed with MMM back in April, at that time we did what we could to get her disorder under control through another vet. As I did more research I wanted to improve her health and keep the MMM from ever coming back, and that’s when I found Dr. Nie. Our first visit was so informative and gave me hope for our Doberman’s future. With just 2 visits doing PEMF Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments, Accupuncture, and using a blend of Essential Oils , my girl is feeling better than ever. I am beyond excited to see even more improvement in her physical appearance as time goes, with the therapies and a special diet they have created specifically for her. Thank you Dr. Nie, Courtney, and all the staff at IVSMO, you all are so wonderful!

Breanna W.

BojanglesBojangles was diagnosed with cervical IVDD. When my veterinarian referred us to Dr. Nie, we were a little skeptical about acupuncture treatment. Bo was unable to walk and kept falling and couldn’t get up, but we were not going to even think about putting him down. He is our child, so to speak. After the first round of acupuncture he showed little improvement but after the second treatment he started a complete turnaround, walking better, a little more active but still not the best. Following the third treatment, he really improved a lot. He wanted to run and jump in the yard but we had to restrict his activities while he healed so he wouldn’t reinjure himself. He continued to improve even after he came off his medications. I truly believe that if we hadn’t gone this route, we would have ended up without him. The IVDD is not keeping Bo from being a pet and buddy again for our family.

Danny C.

For what upfront may have sounded like an expensive first visit, my Chase received exemplary care. We opted for a little more and had x-rays, a PEMF treatment, essential oils for allergies, flea prevention and well-being, a chiropractic style adjustment, nutrition counseling, etc the time with the doctor was over an hour. My dog has been much better since the visit over a month ago. The itching ceased and he has lost considerable weight by changing what he is eating to a more paleo diet. Thank you, Dr. Nie

Halliedew A.

MaxiMaxi was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease and associated hind limb paralysis. IVSMO helped our dog, Maxi, when our regular vet had little or no hope for recovery. When we brought Maxi to see Dr. Nie she could not move, nor did she have control of her bowels. Dr. Nie started treatment and we gradually saw improvement. After a month our dog was walking and enjoying life again. Now she walks a mile a day and has complete body control. Without Dr. Nie we would have had to put our beloved dog down.

Betty F.

I had been looking for a more holistic approach to veterinary care, when a friend referred me to IVSMO at the perfect time. My 13 year old Golden Retriever found herself in so much pain that she was unable to get up one morning. Dr. Nie and Courtney have provided Sammi with several different forms of therapy and I have seen more energy and happiness in her since beginning treatment. We are excited to see how much more improvement awaits!

Sabrina N.

Heidi_anneHeidi Anne was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease and associated hind limb paralysis. Heidi Anne’s recovery was remarkable. She could not stand on her hind legs or walk. It was really sad and I was afraid she would not recover. Heidi Anne had treatments every week for about six weeks. Almost every week, I noticed some improvement. Today, Heidi Anne is better than she was before her back problems. She is very playful and has no problems getting around. I truly believe Dr. Nie’s treatment saved her.

Rebecca L.

Our baby girl, Jackie, is 13 years old and she was diagnosed by another vet with CKD 2/2019. We wouldn’t have noticed except she had lost weight, she was still acting the same. Soon after the diagnosis, she began to be fussy with food and not wanting to eat the homemade kidney diet food we were making her anymore. At one point, by the middle of May 2019, we were having to hand feed her, and even then she wasn’t eating more than a few bites at a time a few times a day. I knew I had to do something different. I googled Holistic vets in my area and found Dr. Nie’s site! We started going there June 18th, 2019. She’s been getting the Magna wave therapy, red-light acupuncture, and essential oil therapy 2 times a week plus essential oils at home for kidneys .. the Answers Diet.. and we started seeing a difference just 2 weeks later. She was more playful, she’s eating everything she’s supposed to now, her BUN has gone down from 68 to 51(!!!!) while Creatinine has stayed same. I’m so thankful and excited to see more improvement! I thank God for leading my steps to Dr. Nie! We’re praying for a great quality of life for the rest of the time we are blessed with our Jackie!

Brandi R.

BernadetteBernadette was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. My cat has received acupuncture as part of her treatment for chronic renal failure. She receives this treatment very well and seems to relax as the treatment takes place. She always seems energetic and playful at home after a treatment. I fully believe that acupuncture has been extremely beneficial as part of her overall treatment plan. 

Pam N.

This place is amazing! Our dog Penny had stopped eating and had really bad diarrhea and vomiting. He wouldn't even take chicken and rice ( my go to to get him to eat) they where so nice and helpful and didn't make me feel like an awful person for not being able to take my dog to the emergency vet. I didn't even have an appointment and they still got me in within 30 mins. I am happy to say that Penny has eaten, not a lot but more than he has the last few days. Thank you! You guys are amazing!!

Katy J.

HannahOur ten-year-old Fox Terrier, Hannah, was noticeably not feeling well, had become lethargic and had lost her appetite. We took Hannah to our regular veterinarian Dr. Jane Flathers at Angel Animal Hospital where Hannah was diagnosed with kidney disease. Dr. Flathers was very thorough in explaining the condition and what could be done to help Hannah. She prescribed a change in diet and fluid therapy for us to administer at home and gave us instructions on how to do it. Dr. Flathers also prescribed acupuncture treatments from Dr. Gary Nie. Within just a few weeks of receiving acupuncture treatments and fluid therapy, Hannah showed a marked improvement in her appetite and energy level, she quickly returned to her old self. We are very grateful for the excellent care Hannah received from Dr. Nie, Dr. Flathers, and the entire staff of Angel Animal Hospital.

Stephanie B.

Stephanie expresses her feelings about the care Dr. Flathers and all of the Angel Animal Hospital staff have provided her pets over many years.

Stephanie B.

Kimberly describes the care provided for her companion, “KC Jones,” by Dr. Flathers and the staff at Angel Animal Hospital.

Kimberly A.

Angie expresses her feelings about the care her companion, “Little Man,” has received from Dr. Flathers and the staff at Angel Animal Hospital.

Angie J.

Tracy expresses her feelings about the care her pets have received from Dr. Flathers, Dr. Nie and all the staff at Angel Animal Hospital.

Tracy V.

Kim expresses her feelings about the care her companions receive from Dr. Flathers and all the staff at Angel Animal Hospital. She also tells us how pleased she is with the Wellness Plans her pets have and how it allows her to budget for their preventive care.

Kim N.

Pam W. describes what happened to Shamus and how Dr. Nie has been able to help him over many months of treatment. After his accident, Shamus was paralyzed and his prognosis was very poor. Today he is walking, playing and enjoying life again. His rehabilitation continues but his prognosis is much better for a good quality life in the future.

Pam W.

It was a much better experience than any other vet that I went to. They were very helpful and were very gentle and caring with my Dog. Dr. Nie is very thorough, loves animals and has a good bedside manner. They gave me a diet and treatment plan for him and a hope that he can make it through. Other vets I went to just wanted to put him down based on one ultrasound report and liver test results while refusing to explain how he was still alive and not exhibiting pain. The first vet in Kansas City that I went to said that there was nothing that could help him and that he had less than a week to live, and that was over 6 weeks ago.

Carl Y.

Love this place! Debbie is so nice on the phones. They take such good care of my animals and they leave happy, not all shaky with their ears down. That means a lot. I have cancer and they are always willing to help me get my animals in and out of the car. It means the world for my pets and for me to be shown this kindness! Totally recommended.

Cynthia B.

I'm very pleased with this vet and with Dr. Flathers. I appreciate how she began our most recent appointment with a review of the persistent concerns that my dog had from the last time we came in. It's evident that she made an effort to understand my dog's health beyond the limited reasons for that day's visit. In the two visits I've had there, I have been able to get an appointment quickly and all my concerns have been handled. I highly recommend this vet.

William L.

I am very thankful for this animal hospital and their staff! They were able to get our pup in very last minute for an emergency where he got his head stuck in a doggie play house at day care and was struggling to breathe after the staff at day care got his head unstuck. Dr. Flathers did great with Baker and made sure everything looked good on him. She sent us home with some pain medication and put some ointment in his ears. He is doing great and back to his normal self. Thank you Dr. Flathers and your excellent staff! Everyone was great, knowledgeable, and friendly!!

Yazzie G.