Are all Essential Oils Created Equally?

essential_oilsNot all Essential Oils are created equally, so whether you use EO’s for yourself or your animals, you want to be careful of the source you use. Essential Oils are highly concentrated from the original plant material. It can take many hundreds or even thousands of pounds of a plant to make a pound of EO. If the crop was not truly organic or there is any toxin contamination of the materials during processing, the EO’s will also be contaminated. That means the toxins will be carried into the body with the EO. Some EO’s are even synthetically produced and not even harvested from natural plant material they claim to be. How do you get quality EO’s then? I recommend using a brand with a long and trusted reputation for producing therapeutic grade EO’s with the highest standards of quality. I use Young Living brand EO’s and am seeing very good results with my patients. I will be posting lots of information in the future about uses of EO’s in animals and even people, so check back often to see what is new on our blog page. In the meantime, if you would like to get started experiencing the benefits EO’s can provide you and your pets, visit our Helpful Links page to get your EO’s at a 24% discount off of regular retail prices.